Eric+Eric's baked goods come in six unforgettable flavors (so far) and made with high quality ingredients without artificial anything.  Once you've tried these, no ordinary edible cannabis will do!

Browned Butter Honey Pistachio


Made with pistachios, browned butter, and honey a wrapped up in a delightful shortbread chew. A foodgasm for sure!

Chocolate Chip


You know the three C's right? Chocolate Chips & Cannibis! Tastes as good as Grandma's cookies but with the "secret" ingredient!

Chocolate Chili Coconut Chews


Chocolate, Chile, and Coconut - yes that is right! It is a flavor explosion in your mouth!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk


Chocolate + Peanut Butter = OMG this thing is so freaking good! Can I please have some more?

Turtle Brownie Bites


Chocolate, Carmel, Pecans all nestled in a yummy brownie. But what on earth does that have to do with Turtles?

White Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal


Silky White Chocolate, Oatmeal, and Montmorency Cherries combine to make the perfect chew - and well the THC doesn't hurt either!

Ready to try them?

Available in quality dispensaries and stores where medicinal or recreational cannabis products can be lawfully sold.  Currently available in these states.

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