Artisanal Sensational Medicinals

Healthy in Every Way!

Eric+Eric's gluten-free baked goods are made with the highest quality ingredients and crafted by master chefs. Their care and craftsmanship delivers the healthiest, most delicious, and truly medicinal edible cannabis product on the market.

Wholesome Goodness

We know good health isn't just about the medicine you take, it's about eating quality, nutritious foods without artificial chemicals like preservatives and dyes.  That's why Eric+Eric's baked goods are made with all natural non-GMO ingredients and are gluten free.

Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil

When it comes to the health benefits of cannabis, we don't hold back.  Our baked goods are precisely dosed with carefully cultivated cannabis oil that offers the full range of benefits of both CBD and THC compounds.  You can count on getting all of the good things cannabis has to offer.

Gourmet Delights

This isn't some boring brownie or common cookie, this is "OMG I can't believe how good this is!"  Rich and buttery with exquisite flavor combinations that only expert chefs could come up with.  Now medicinal cannabis users can enjoy a truly extraordinary treat!

Indulge yourself with Eric+Eric baked goods wherever medical or recreational cannabis use is lawfully permitted.  Use our locator to find a store or dispensary near you...

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